Needed full PHP page without anywhere any ajax

I bought a car detaler template site…
the car detail.html converted it to detail.php [car details, relative cars and footer cars all come via PHP and Not ajax]… this try to use it as 404 page for individual car url of kind …/make-model-year-carID.php to load the
…/details.php?carID=xxxxxx instead…

for this loading of 404 page ,… needed full PHP page without anywhere any ajax.… or some ajax must Not prevent page to Load???

Are you saying that you’ve got some code and you need some help on re-writing it to work without using Ajax? If so, post the code and show us what changes you’ve made so far, and explain the problems you’re having in getting it to work.

No I am saying that converted code from ajax populated to PHP direct populated from db both… but when use in as 404 page I think due to some initial ajax remained (not sure if this is the problem, this is?) the 404 loads strange like not styling exist but php all data are OK…also some data replaced by ajax not done in 404 page and remain default… as said some styling also missing… Is this due page must all load direct with PHP… without Ajax at all???

That’s the way pages generally work unless you are using JavaScript to generate an Ajax call. No changes required to have pages behave normally - you only need to change it if it is intended to work only with Ajax (in which case to stop the ajax working you simply delete the PHP file again completely).

In other words meaning to work a page as 404 must be pure php without any ajax at all…?

In other words 404 page can be an ajax slow dynamic load page based on carid of non found url… ?

Why would you want to use Ajax on a 404 page???

because is purposefully non-found for search engines…/text-model-make-ID
404 takes ID and loads car in page used as 404…
but ajax not work as handler page - you know why? Matters if is slow ajax load page???

problem solved used absolute urls in 404 page

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