NEEDED: Answering Machine with Multiple Greetings

I have been looking like crazy for an answering machine that holds multiple greetings. That way at the end of the day I can pick the “After Hours” greeting, during my crunch or lunch times I can pick the “All Associates Busy” greeting, etc.

I have Simply Bitware on my PC which allows this, but for some reason my V.92 modem doesn’t handle the calls right. Plus when I plug my mic in my PC I have to scream to even get it to register (that’s a whole nother bucket of monkeys!)

Basically, I’m wondering if anyone here has any ideas where I can get a answering machine like this without spending two or three hundred bucks.

Thanks for the help!!

I have this one:

It has greeting A and B, although you have to push the button to switch them (something one of my cats does for me all the time).

Lets you call in and manage it, as well as have a “toll saver” so you can set it for less rings if there’s a message (and then hang up and not waste your time if it rings an extra time or two).

It also has 4 mailboxes, if you choose to use them.

I see some reviews mention reliability, but I’ve had 2, and each for a few years now, no problems with either.

I think you’ll like the price too :slight_smile:

Thank you VodkaFish! That is exactly what I’m looking for. And you are definitley right about the price :wink: