Need urgent help about dynamic embed from youtube


I have an account in youtube.There i can upload video and also I want to embed those videos in my website dynamically. Is it possible?? If it is possible then how? Please i need this help as it is an urgent matter.


Copy and paste the embed code into the HTML.

Thank you oddz for your suggestion.

You suggest me the static process. that means i will upload video then the embed code of that video i have to paste into my website. But actually i don’t want to do this. I want to embed video dynamically that means i write embed script once and when i will upload video into youtube my script embed that video. No need to write embed script again. Is it possible??

I *think it would be possible using the YouTube API but is a much more involved process which I am not familiar. Best to go look at the YouTube API documentation.


You can also think about using the RSS.