Need to start a suggestion generator website, what is the easiest way?

Hello everyone!
I have the idea of starting a website that very simply generates different content (suggestions) every time the user opens the page; or clicks on a link. I really need it to be as simple as possible.

I have a website with joomla but I am not sure joomla can do that. What is in your opinion the EASIEST way for me to create this website? do I have to learn PHP? (excuse my ignorance) if so, what would you recommend to start with?

Thank you very much!! :slight_smile:


What exactly do you want the site to suggest? Content? Other pages to look at ? I can think of a number of things that you would suggest to a user but it would be helpful if you were more specific. There is an extension for Joomla that gives article suggestions.

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very specifically, artists ( a very local thing) . Their picture, and link to their page.

and thank you SO much! I’ll give that a try

is it possible to do it with Dreamweaver??

yes dream waiver can do it but you have to get deep knowledge about it.

You can use Dreamweaver but you need to use PHP too. I’m not sure on the exact method of doing this but i looked into this a while back for a photo generator. I don’t think it’s possible without PHP. I suppose it all depends on the amount of content you want to generate. Only 5-10 images or 5,000-10,000?.

It`s possible to do it with Notepad, no need for DW, all you need to know is a programming language :slight_smile:

Cant say if its the easiest way, but with PHP you will be able to create such website.

Undoubtedly via PHP –> you don’t need to learn all the features of PHP to get this done.

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You can try imcreator. i’m using it for a while and i’m very pleased. it’s a free website builder with a very easy interface.
it has many templates to choose from and you can easily design with drag&drop system.
the main advantage of it is that you don’t need any former experience in codding.
good luck!

search for some scripts in google and github

You may want to do a search for a random generator. If you use a Javascript random number generator, then you could tie the number to a suggestion and display that using if statements. This assumes your list is short, and not hundreds of pages.