Need to send data from 1 frame to another


I am working on a website where I have a mall map and then in the other frame
when you hover over a store name, it places hover text over the mall map.
Right now when you hover over the store name in the right frame, the data displays inside that frame.

How do I get it to display over the mall map intead?



When I hover over a store in the right iframe, I don’t see any “data” being displayed in that frame…
In the iframe, you could call a parent javascript function, so a javascript function which is in the “directory.html” file, maybe that’s the way to go for you?

E.g.: onhover=“parent.myFunction()”.

Provided the pages in each frame are on the same domain you can simply reference the elements in the other frame by using parent to refer to the parent page and the frame name to go down into a specific frame with that reference.

If the pages are on different domains then you will need to use JavaScript in both pages and use a postMessage call in one to send a message and attach a message event listemer to the other to receive and process the message.