Need to drag and drop multiple elements into box on same page

Hi, I need to be able to drag and drop various elements from a product detail page on my site, into a box in a side column on the same page. The problem is, these elements might be the product’s image, or a PDF technical spec document, or an architectural drawing file- so at least 3 different formats.

I’ve seen various scripts that claim to do “drag and drop” functionality but none appear to do what I want.

The idea is the box will gradually fill with whatever items the user decides to add into it. They can then email those items to the site owner by clicking a button at the bottom of the box, so the site owner knows what they’re interested in and can respond accordingly.

The other complication is that this is all set up in a PHP-based content management system (MODX) so would need to integrate with that somehow.

I don’t know if this is remotely possible but perhaps someone has some ideas?

You’d need some Javascript and not PHP for drag and drop functionality.

Something like

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