Need to Choose a New Browser

A few months ago I switched from using Opera 12 to using Vivaldi as my main web browser. Vivaldi had a working REWIND button and were gradually adding the other features I needed that most other browsers also have.

A few weeks ago the new update broke the rewind button functionality (and also the way the tabs worked) and at the same time added full support for extensions. They soon released a new version that fixed the tabs but the re have now been four versions since the rewind button broke without any sign of them even trying to fix it.

As the only reason I was using Vivaldi was for the rewind button and it doesn’t look like they have plans for fixing it (it just sits there greyed out on the bar at the top of the browser) I am now seriously considering abandoning that browser.

The question is which browser to switch to. It seems that none of the browsers that have a rewind button have an upgrade path. The most advanced of the browsers that do is the one I switched from (Opera 12).

I already reverted back to the last Vivaldi version to have a working rewind button once (since with the tabs broken as well the browser was completely useless to me).

Am I going to have to build my own rewind button extension before I can get a browser that actually works properly? If so any suggestions on where to start?

I hate having too many tabs open and if I want to go back three web sites (50 web pages) in a tab I want to do it in three button clicks not 50.

Since July 28 ?

Do you need to click twice ?!/ccomment-comment=5290

am I the only one, who tested rewind feature? I have to press long the rewind button to see where it goes and then have to select and click the adress. Most of the times it get back to the right (and expected! :)) site.
Why does Vivaldi need an extraclick and doens’t rewind with the first click?

No the button is completely disabled so I can click as many times as I like and nothing happens.

I have now reverted back to the version you linked to where the rewind button still works (a single click is enough - holding the button down displays where it will rewind to but as you say who needs to know that so I hadn’t even tried that until now). They completely stuffed it in the next version so that it doesn’t work at all and have made no attempt whatsoever to fix it since. I suppose I can stick with that version for the moment but it is starting to look like they will never fix the rewind button so I am going to need an alternative as the next time I upgrade to a version that is broken I will NOT be reinstalling Vivaldi from scratch for a fourth time.

UPDATE: Just noticed that in reverting back this time the userscripts I added to the later version are now functioning properly in the earlier one. So this version gives me everything I want for now (except for opening in the wrong place on the screen but window-rightarrow fixes that) so just as long as I don’t accidentally upgrade I can stick with this setup.

I haven’t gotten around to trying Vivaldi, but the rewind button seems to be one of the features that attracts people to using it, so it sounds amazing that they are releasing versions where it’s there but disabled. Doesn’t give me the confidence that this is a serious undertaking.

It is the ONLY reason I considered using it in the first place. It is also the only reason I didn’t upgrade Opera past version 12.

The rewind button is essential to the way I navigate the web - it keeps the number of tabs down while still making it easy to get back to previously visited sites.

Yeah, I still struggle with that concept, but I don’t find a difficulty with tabs and finding my place, I guess. I tend to be a bit finicky about recording URLs I want to revisit—in humble text files, which I find easy to organize. So old skool, I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can have as many as 8 - 10 tabs open at once. Without rewind that could easily become 50+ with insufficient text showing on any of them for me to have any clue as to which tab is which. I also have hundreds of sites bookmarked but that doesn’t help when I am following links from site to site researching something.

It’s probably a silly question but how does the rewind button differ from pressing and holding down the back button?

The back button goes back page by-page. The rewind button lets you go back to a site skipping a lot of pages.

Thanks @Mittineague I still have a version of Vivaldi with the rewind button working - but I had never noticed it before! I don’t use Vivaldi much as it doesn’t like my mouse pad.

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