Need suggestions vps hosting for my website?

hi ,

in the next day i will put a website that i was developing for some time online ,
i’m expecting about 10,000 visit/day (kind of e-commerce) so i will need vps ( price must be as low as possible)

but i don’t know how about resources (ram ,cpu, bandwidth), so i will need your suggestions about what resources and hosting company to host my website

i have found this hosting but i don’t know any thing about it :

q2: will hoting provider block my website if i passed limits like in shared hosting

You need something reliable, i have ramnode in my mind when it comes to reliability and speed
Or buy an Kimsufi server or one from

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Initially all the best for your website. You are thinking of getting 10k visitors on first day and it seems the number is too much for first day. I would still recommend you to consider a Dedicated Server having at 4 GB RAM and quadcore processor.

As for the VPS hosting, I personally recommend InMotion due to my personal experience. Or, why not enter to pick the best according to your needs?

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Never heard of them before. Just find their review before make a decision

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