Need Suggestion on Creating Similar website like

Hello, I got a project. I have to create a web site like (udemy dot com)

Please someone guide me that which tool is the best to create this kind of website.
Should I develop this website using Wordpress?
Or what should I use to develop this website.

Thank you in advance for the best Suggestions.

I would build that site with the tools I know. If you know Wordpress like a nInja, then build it in Wordpress.

That site ( is built on a hybrid of Wordpress and heavily uses Google Apps for business + lots of Javascript libraries.

The key to a site like this is that you need to have it planned out very well before you start developing because there is a lot going on.

I specialize in setting up WordPress websites, so I would only be able to recommend you within this realm.

Use WordPress CMS and download (purchase) this plug-in, This would be the easier way to solve your issue. You can create online interactive courses and sell them online.

I hope this helps.

I would recommend using wordpress. First thing to do, would be to find a template which would fit your needs (here is one example). Then you could install such e-commerce plugins like woocommerce etc. From there you could start to put in your content.

Hi everybody, i just saw this threat and the suggestion about SENSEI from Woothemes. Since i never got any respond from their support i would like to ask if you know whether or not it can also allow people to upload / sell their own courses and make money on it like on UDEMY? I mean i want to build that site like UDEMY but be sure user can sell their courses on my site and make some cash on it as well as having a small cut for me… any thoughts suggestions?

Hello. How’s this topic? do you have idea on how to build a website like udemy? my problem is sending commission payment to instructors.

Hi, i’d like to build a udemy like website also. My problem with sensei is that it does not allow, yet, to have teacher courses. I mean, website user that have teacher role to post their own courses, set a price and the website owner gets the commission. That was i was looking for. In woocommerce website they say this funcionality is in development but they don’t have a release date nor any other info about that.

I’ve heard of moodle, wp courseware, etc…

Does anyone know how to do this? Me, the owner of the platform will not teach. I provide a space where teachers can post their courses and gain some money with them.