Need suggestion about the framework


I need to build a website and I need to give some fasilities in this website. Those are below:

  1. Need to show News area in home page by category and other page (It should be great if users can be post/publish news from front end after login - not from back end like - /wp-admin).
  2. User will post his/her product for sell from front end after login - not from back end like - /wp-admin
  3. Display the product under “Buy Product” in front end, which product uploaded by users. Only need to display product information and product owner contact info.
  4. User profile by category.

Can you please give me suggestion which framework (like wordpress, joomla, opencart etc) will be best for that.

Thank you,


You could potentially use Wordpress to accomplish these tasks however you may need to do some custom coding to get it working just how you want.

For instance you could try FV Community news for the news portion of your site, members only to create roles for the front end content users are allowed to see and market press for the shopping/uploading of products portion.

Hope that helps,