Need some quick z-index help

I am doing a site where I have an image sort of overlap a part of a youtube video and Im trying to make it so that just the video is above everything so that the user can press play,etc. here is a link to the site:

basically I want the background border and image to go under the bird wing and just the video itself will be sitting on top of everything.

Any idea how to get this to work? Ive been messing with the z-index nothing has worked thus far.

It looks like you got it working. Is there a particular browser that is having the issue? Make sure you set the z-index in the flash embed code as well.

Thanks for getting back to me. I did get it working though I couldnt recount how lol. I will keep in mind the embed code, I didnt use it, I went back and created a div to put the video in and worked around it that way.

Perfect. Nice job, the site looks great.