Need solution

I use log in password in my computer. After start I give the password then computer is opened. But today I can’t open my log, password is correct but the log does not oped. After giving password it shows opening but don’t open. Can any one help me.


It may be problem of operating system thats why its not opening your log…

Most of the time the computer is right and you may enter your username and password and think that it is the correct one but then, maybe because you use uppercase when it should be lowercase or because you typed too fast, the password (or the username) is wrong.

If it looks like the computer is starting but then gives you a wrong ID error, normally it is because it may take the computer more than just a few seconds to check if what you typed is correct.

If you have an Admin account (and normally there’s one for the local admin in addition to the account that you use regularly), try to log using that admin account and check your own user and even change your password if you want to do so.

Thanks for your kind solution, After a long time more than half an hour the computer would start. than I removed the administration log password, now it does not make any problem.

Thanks again.

Try to sign in one more time, maybe it would help :slight_smile: