Need shared hosting, 100+GB storage, SSH, cPanel

Wow, this has been a beatdown… we’re looking for s shared Linux hosting provider offering specific amounts of storage space (not “unlimited”) in the 100-200GB range. We also need SSH & cPanel and a couple other features, but we seem to be having the most trouble with the “shared 100+GB” part.

We’re not interested in VPS/Dedicated/Managed Dedicated because of the admin overhead, and prefer a shared environment where all we have to worry about is our code.

We’re currently occupying 80GB in 150,000 site-accessible files, and our current “unlimited” provider says we have to go.

Any thoughts or ideas?

I suppose the answer depends on where you want your server and how much you are willing to pay.

I have always used smaller hosting companies and they have tailored packages to suit what I want. I currently have my sites on a host in the UK and they have this “fully managed package” for £99:

Octo Intel® Xeon Processor
 4 GB dedicated RAM
 120 GB Storage (SSD)
 Unlimited bandwidth
 1 Gbps Connection

Your own private server
24/7/365 monitoring & support
Free migration
Daily offsite backups
Application firewall
Bespoke optimisation
PCI compliant as standard
Free hosted email
Free GeoTrust SSL certificate
Free temporary scaling
99.99% uptime SLA
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our managed hosting allows you to simply step away from the hosting and focus on nothing but your business. Let us handle the rest, we’re here 24/7.

As I said talk to a smaller company and I am sure you could sort something out.

Thanks for the tip, Rubble. I looked into UK & bespoke hosting but didn’t find anything that might have been a fit without being prohibitively expensive. After a week of searching for a shared plan that meets our needs, it looks like we’ll have to move up into dedicated or VPS hosting after all.

I used to have a managed VPS and it did not take a lot of looking after. Although it was scary to start with seeing all the warning emails.

The hosts looked after most things and installed any software I needed - sometimes I tried myself but not being a linux/command line person it did not always work!

From memory it was about £21/month

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There are also managed VMs, where you get a VM but your hoster manages it, installs security patches etc. That might be the best of both worlds for you.

Getting a VM without support is not a good idea because you won’t get security updates leaving your server vulnerable to hacking.

Hi Rubble, who is that with please?

My knowledge of servers is limited and curious to know if it is possible to have a VPS strictly for data and another Shared server. Would this create security problems?