Need script like

Anyone can give me a php script like Thank for your helping.

Why don’t you try building one for yourself and then ask someone here if you get stuck?


I can’t. I have no ideal to try. I’m new in php

Please help me i need this script very much

Your other option would be to find a php developer and pay him/her to code the script for you.

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Yes, from what I can tell that is very much custom and would require at least quite some coding skill to come up with something similar.

@Thuan9xpro What have you tried so far for finding an answer?
What is the code you’ve tried so far?

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Sory i am student. I have not money… I only want to create a fun site for my friend… please…

There is no fault with that.

But if you have neither the skill nor the money you will need time.

Time to either get the financial resources or get the skills.

If you’re willing to take the time to learn you are in the right place.



What code do you have so far that isn’t doing what you want it to do?

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i have but i cant modif it to same

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PS: No offence, but this is how your topic looks.
We can help you dealing with specific code issues, but nobody will code final product for you.


You’re funny

Doing something like is a whole project, not just a simple script. In that sense, you shouldn’t expect the developers helping here to put this project together for you, simply by asking for it. That isn’t what a support forum is all about, nor will you ever get your project done that way. As Mittineague pointed out, you’re either going to have to learn to do it yourself or get someone who can do it for you and must be willing to pay for that work.

If you take the direction of doing it yourself, if you run into problems, then you can ask for help with those problems here. But, do show you’ve done your best to get the answer yourself first.


Yeah. Thank for your supporting. ^^ I have not learn any develop programming. It’s my dream. I wish in future i will create a project same i want in here and share for everybody

To me it looks close to the same.
I’d say your friend should be fairly happy to have that, considering you’re not spending any money and lack advanced dev skills.

TBH I have trouble with all the non-English. And a link to the site doesn’t help much as far as the server-side PHP code.

What is the PHP code you are wanting to modify?

You can use inspect element on a browser in a PC to get the PHP code of name and you can edit the PHP to your own needs, so that you and your friend can enjoy. If you don’t know how to edit PHP, you can learn it from a site named, its. Good site, and always remember you can talk the horse to the river but not make it drink water. Hope it helped

Hi BaD_BoY_17, welcome to the forum

This is news to me. AFAIK unless the PHP engine is down getting the PHP code is not possible.

Do you know something I don’t?

Hi Mittineague, I like to use Google chrome , so inside a chrome browser you can use a inspect element, when we first click on inspect element we are gonna get the reference links and stuff related to it, we will have to ho to sources and find out the php of the site n the source, coy the PHP out of it and paste it in a note ad file and change the format to “.php” I believe this method is possible. Thank you

I just tested my site in Chrome latest.

The dev tools panel does indeed show “index.php” under “sources”

  • but -
    what is shown as the code is what is output to the browser (i.e. HTML) not the PHP code of the file.

Admittedly, it is a bit misleading as “sources” displays as a “tree”, and it is possible to see any CSS and JavaScript so one could get the impression that seeing the PHP code is also possible, but AFAIK it is not (unless as previously mentioned the PHP engine is down)