Need reviews for new site

I have started a website about 2 months before . Almost have 50 posts. But till now i am not getting much traffic from google search. Should i focus on backlinks or content . Or is there any problem with my site design or anything else that i am missing .

Without a doubt, you should focus on content. It’s your content which Google is going to index, your content which will appear in search results and your content which visitors to your site want to see. But don’t focus on the quantity of content; focus on the quality.

At the moment, I see two main problems with your site. Firstly, it’s not clear what your site is about. The name suggests some kind of technical site, but the content seems to be about offers and saving money.

Secondly, there seems to be very little content likely to show is search results. Most of your posts seem to be very brief and relate to coupon codes, which tend to expire quite quickly. Even if somebody is specifically searching for a coupon code, I suspect you will be competing against well-established sites. That doesn’t mean that you can’t compete against these sites, but it will take hard work to be successful.

So my advice would be to work on improving the quality and substance of your content first of all.

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