Need recommendation

I am designing an webpage that will query a database as follows:

I am going to have a slider control for Width and height of a window. AS the user moves the slider I will need to query the Database to grab a design pressure and other information based on width and height. My question is, what’s the best way to approach this as far as performance and reduce the amount of calls to database. It seems like a lot of overhead to query the Database every time the user moves the slider? any recommendations? should I just load the whole DB table first into some type of an array or something? I’m gonna be using as my CLI and maybe silverlight for presentation and slider…Right now the table contains about 300 records. Could probably grow to 500 or 1000

My recommendation would be this: you don’t have to query the database every time you move the slider, rather you can use caching to store your query output

Yeah, when the page loads, load the data into a DataTable. Then use the Event Handler for the AJAX Slider control to alter the database records based on the contols location. Their should be some articles online to see what you need for the Event Handler when dealing with a DataTable.

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First do it without caching… If you are not happy with the results then cache the database call.

I would not do it without caching, unless your going to load it into session or other memory object. As u will not be wanting to hit the database every time. But it also comes down to how busy ur website is going to be

  1. You have the valid question , that to access db effectively so that it do not slow down the process.

  2. One thing you can do is load all the database into disconnected database that is either table adapter and then grape the data when it is required. And table adaptors is the best approach to access the database as it suddenly open or close the connection when it is required.

  3. Access database with the effective PageDataSource ! Customize your paging approach as like you are required. or make your own page class to apply paging technique and access data according to your need.

I found this program to be really good for what I’m doing and I was wondering if there was an opensource way to accomplish the same or if silverlight can do it…I like it because it integrates with the excel file so I don’t need to query any database. It’s perfect for what I’m doing cause I’m dealing with NOA’s from the window industry and alot of data is always in excel. How can I accomplish the same using free products? anyone know of a way to do it?
here is the product. xcelsius engage