Need Projects for my IT Company


We are a software, web design and development company in India having decent client base in India. So far we have worked directly with the end business clients. Now we like to get contacts who can regularly outsource development and maintenance projects to us.

I looked at sites like Elance, LinkedIn, LimeExchange, etc., and they seem to be working for one project per client basis. We look for companies who can outsource the projects to us regularly.

I may be wrong, Can somebody suggest me how to build this kind of client base? Is there a directory of such companies to whom we can advertise our services? Googling for such companies is getting only offshore development companies in India (similar to us), but not the providing the companies that outsource projects to India.

Thanks a lot…

I don’t know of any that work like that. The way to get repeat work is to do a good job for someone and they’ll keep coming back. If they’ve never used you before they’re unlikely to commit to a string of projects.

I would develop your local client base instead. India has a poor reputation in the UK for offering low quality SEO and web design through spamming.


Try to use PPC and make sure on your landing page, you are showing something useful for which client have trust on you like how you are working, which are your past projects, etc.

PPC will give you best result and hopefully you will get some new projects in short time of period.

The problem is that in India, there are some companies which only want to impress client by too many links for client’s website. SEO company and client both should understand that only link report is not enough. You have to do proper on page SEO as well and for link building, you should go safely.

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