Need little help in Coding

I have been starting

What wrong with this? ive been staring at it but not coming up with anything

im getting syntax error, unexpected T_RETURN where it says " return $result; "


function add_subtract ($value1, $value2) {
$add = $value1 + $value2;
$subtract = $value1 - $value2;
$result = array($add, $subtract)
return $result;

$resultArray = add_subtract (10,5);
echo "Add: ".$resultArray[0];
echo "Subract: " .$resultArray[1];


Thanks in advance

Here was your first clue. When you see “syntax error”, that is EXACTLY what it means. You are not following the PHP syntax. Look for missing semi-colons, parenthesizes, too many parenthesizes, etc.

You are missing semicolon on end of line:

$result = array($add, $subtract);