Need inexpensive, low volume hosting

So I build an HTML website for our local church for free, and it has been heck updating it. So i’ve decided on our next billing cycle to switch hosts from intuit (sucks, btw, for building custom sites), and going to a host that supports wordpress.

So, my needs:

At least 5gb storage
Bandwidth is really not an issue, but id say more than 10gb at least.
Wordpress/CMS support

And thats pretty much it. Just hit me with your cheapest options, trying to save the church a few $$
Thanks :slight_smile:

What about Windows Azure, Web sites (shared). One site with 20 GB of bandwidth is about $12 a month. (If you use Pay-as-you-go). Btw, when you use pay-as-you-go, you only pay for what you use, database/storage/bandwidth for example using only 1 GB of 20 GB you will only pay for 1 GB.

Setting up Wordpress on Windows Azure is also a built in feature.

I should also mention that i want to use my own domain and that the site is only about 10 pages big- not huge by any means

Will look through windows azule

I’m a bit puzzled here. You say the site is “low volume” and has only ten pages - but you want 5GB disc space and 10GB bandwidth? That sounds like serious overkill to me. Are you really sure you need all that?

The sites gonna have a lot of streaming Mp3 files (around 100mb each), and probably a few video files as well. 5gb storage is good, but 10gb bandwidth may be a mit much, I was aiming high on that…

Do you have any specific location in mind? You might considering opting for a VPS if you have a lot of streaming files.

Any of the big hosting companies like Godaddy should be able to accomodate you. They are the most reliable

Ok, ive been looking around more and am narrowing down…

Right now my first choice seems to be going for BigRock hosting, even one of the most basic plans has 10gb hosting and supports wordpress. And only $2 a month. Anyone have any experience with them?

Second and third respectively are PacificHost and 2Mhost…

Also, I am just a beginner web designer, and i need to make this site accesible to the next guy who comes in and changes it- who may have no knowledge of web design whatsoever… Is wordpress an OK solution to technologically deprived folks?

Yes, Wordpress would be an excellent choice

I really would not suggest hosting with BigRock as they are more of a Domain company than a Hosting and they are just a division of Directi which is again primarily a Domain Reg. Company. For the same reason do not go with GoDaddy.

Ok, bigrock- out

PacificHost- out (too long of a renewal rate for me…)

Looking around, still like 2Mhost (of anyone can give me info on that. Its NOT M2host (M2host looks to be just too crappy for me ATM))

Also, found an odd one, bluelemonhost. Never heard of it but looks really sketchy

You know you would just be wasting your time looking for dirt cheap hosting. When you get web hosting you should be more focused on customer support and reliability. With dirt cheap hosting you won’t get that. This is why I like Windows Azure, it is cheap enough but they have awesome support so my clients are never hanging off the edge when I turn everything over to them.

So far we have not had any issues that would require the involvement of the hosts themselves. I know that getting customer service is very important, especially if I leave, but i am trying to alleviate any issues that might be brought up with the wordpress installation, as well as a host with some customer support.

I just don’t know what to do… I want to get an inexpensive host for the church, which has enough to worry about without the prospect of hosting, without creating a black hole of need for me to do things with the website…Thats where I am now and it sucks somewhat. Unless I can get this to its simplest edit-ability, or hope the next guy will be good with web dev, Im just not sure.

Being just a high school kid and designing for clients is a pretty big load… Don’t know how you guys deal with the stress.

Rambling now… IDK what to do. Probably go with hostgator, they seem to have a great place for newbies as well as veteran web developers.

I am surprised to see simple HTML pages are not served better with your current host. any how.

Looking through your requirements I could see you may want to host multiple websites at least later point of time, so then check for windows azure. or other web hosts probably HostASP, Speedhost, HostGator may allow you host multiple domains, should work better for your requirements.

Will check those out.

At the moment I do not wish to be in charge of the hosting (e.g, I do not want it to be under my account), I want the church to be in charge of it when I leave. Otherwise I would just attach it to my current host (webhostingbuzz, which I will probably choose for the site).

Our current host is Intuit ( Which does not support or allow PHP. All it allows is basic html, java, and flash.


As @logic_earth has suggested, the pay-of-use services like Windows Azure are often very good for minimal use websites. This can be true of even accounts that are serving video. It really depends on how often people connect to and play your video clips. Have you gone through Windows Azure ‘Pay as You Go’ pricing model and see what it would cost you? The service and the infrastructure are hard to equal for such low prices and you don’t dump problems in your or the church member’s laps by hosting it in a reliable environment.

One more vote for Windows Azure. The ‘Pay as You Go’ option will probably save you money if the site doesn’t get much traffic. It probably will give you and the guy that comes after you less headaches when support is needed.