Need help with updating array

I have run into a problem with a script I created awhile back. The initial script was to set up a preferred employer section for a website.

The original script worked by having the user define an employer and then associating them with a property id.

I store the relationships in an array within the ‘employer’ table and used existing property id’s to link them to communities. Originally the system called for only the employers to define the communities and now both need control. I am unsure how to execute the changes.

Is there a way to perform an SQL query that would scan the ‘relationships’ column of the ‘employers’ table and make changes as needed?

Presently I am able to display if an employer should be checked or not when viewed by a specific community by using the following code:

<input type="checkbox" name="prop[]" value="<?php echo ($row->EmployID); ?>"   <?php 
  $each = array("Test"=>explode(",", $row->relationships) );
  if(in_array($PropID, $each['Test'])){
echo " checked=\\"checked\\"";}
else{ echo "";}
?>><?php echo ($row->name); ?>

The ‘relationship’ field currently stores data as ‘123, 30, 46, 77’ with each number being a unique property id.

I can not think of a way to use the existing field to also allow communities to choose employers.

Yes , you can do it I hope.
in_array , explode in php will help if you have saved as “abc,xyz,mxz” separated value in mysql database.