Need help with redirect issue in Search Console

Hi there.
Recently I created a blog for my ecommerce on a Subdomain.
ecommerce adjusted to work with www and blog adjusted to work without www.
Now on Search Console when I want to fetch new articles it shows Redirect message and as I figured out Search Console doesn’t follow fetch request on redirected links.
The problem is the Search Console’s input field which we should write the URL to fetch, is populated with the address WITH “WWW” and based on my adjustment it redirects to non WWW version. Also there’s no way to configure it, because it’s on subdomain.

Any idea please ?

Why do you have them configured differently? That doesn’t make much sense. Can’t you make them both the same?


I can but I thought It could be more readable this way.
my domain is almost long by itself and a year ago on its beginning I configured it with WWW.
Recently when a subdomain added to it becomes much longer and I decided to configure it to load without WWW.
So now it’s like: (ecommerce) (blog)

What’s your suggestion on this topic ? set ecommerce to open without www ? or what ?

Thanks in advance.

It’s up to you, have either both with www or have both without www.
Then be sure to let Google know which you prefer and set up redirects to that one.


Thanks SamA74.
Ok, so now I decided to configure ecommerce to open Without WWW too. What should I do ?
Change codes in .htaccess and all done ? ecommerce passed its first year activity now. If I set it to open without WWW in .htaccess what happens with pages indexed ?


Links pointed to them will be redirected to the non-www domain, including those in SERPs, so you should not lose traffic.
Over time the index will change to the new domain, but you should let Google know about it:-

You may also want to add a canonical tag to your pages to be certain about it and let other crawlers know.

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