Need help with overlapping images


I was wondering if someone could help me figure out a couple image problems I’m having.

  1. I need the logo image to overlap the primary nav (blue) bar by a little bit. The corner of the dollar bills should be on top of the blue nav bar.

  2. The green footer widget area should have “fold” images like the primary nav bar. I created a narrow image that has the triangles on it and tried to use negative positioning to make them show at the bottom, but they aren’t showing at all.

I have looked and looked and just can’t figure these two things out. Help? :slight_smile:

The URL doesn’t seem to work.

Hmm…it’s working for me. Here’s another one:

Hoping someone has an idea for me. :slight_smile:

I do not believe it is possible/practical because the image and the menu bar are in unrelated containers.

The layout is also responsive and the position of the image over the menu bar changes at narrow widths.

At this stage of development, the intended transitions are not yet clear. The overall layout seems to break if the page is less than w-i-d-e.

I would suggest that you start over and restructure your layout.