Need help with onload and offsetWidth/Height functions

I’m trying to build a page that displays the table’s row and cell’s width and height. Below is the snippet:

<script type="text/javascript">
var printDimension = {
	printIt : function(){
		subject = document.getElementById('subject');
		subjectrow = document.getElementById('subjectrow');
		subjectcell = document.getElementById('subjectcell');
		subjectrowHeight = subjectrow.offsetHeight;
		subjectrowWidth = subjectrow.offsetWidth;
		subjectcellHeight = subjectcell.offsetHeight;
		subjectcellWidth = subjectcell.offsetWidth;

<table id="subject">
	<tr id="subjectrow">
		<td id="subjectcell"><div class="image-wrapper"><img src="6tox52w5.png" /></div></td>

Now, it prints fine in FF. The value is off in chrome. And finally, nothing gets displayed in IE.

I notice that window.onload produces an error:

Error: window.onload is not a function
Source File: /tableTest.html
Line: 78

It may be the problem, although the script still runs though. How do I get it to work properly?

bumping…any suggestions?