Need help with joining a query

I am writing a query that will help identify a web visitor. We are trying to tie offline phone sales to the web traffic of the actual caller so we can measure the effectiveness of our online advertising. We are geo-coding visitor IP addresses to figure out where they’re visiting from. Then, when someone calls to place an order, we are looking at the visitors to the site that came from their location. To further reduce the field of potential visitors, we also want to order the results by the number of matching products in their cart that they viewed while on the site.

Our tables are set up as follows:

id (primary key)

id (tied to the support_id above)

When we query the database, we have a list of products in the user’s cart. We want to find the users who are within 30 miles of the phone caller’s zip code ordered by the number of matching products that were viewed that match what’s in the cart. So far, we have the query working that returns users within 30 miles and the query that counts the number of like products. We’re trying to figure out how to combine the results from these two queries and order the results by the number of product matches.

  , latitude
  , longitude
  , client_id
FROM support_ids
  WHERE latitude BETWEEN $minLat AND $maxLatAND longitude BETWEEN $minLon AND $maxLon

  , COUNT(products_id) as prod_count 
FROM support_id_products 
  products_id IN (32051, 29988, 30331) 

How do I combine those two queries? This is my latest attempt:

SELECT COUNT(sp.products_id) as prod_count,,, s.state,,, s.latitude, s.longitude, s.support_id, s.client_id
        FROM support_ids as s
        WHERE latitude Between $minLat And $maxLat
          AND longitude Between $minLon And $maxLon
        INNER JOIN
        support_id_products as sp 
        ON sp.products_id IN (32051, 29988, 30331) GROUP BY


SELECT , s.latitude , s.longitude , s.client_id , COALESCE(p.prod_count,0) AS prod_count FROM support_ids AS s LEFT OUTER JOIN ( SELECT id , COUNT(products_id) AS prod_count FROM support_id_products WHERE products_id IN (32051, 29988, 30331) GROUP BY id ) AS p ON = WHERE s.latitude BETWEEN $minLat AND $maxLat AND s.longitude BETWEEN $minLon AND $maxLon

Works like a champ! Thank’s Rudy.

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