Need help with Combo-Box in OO Draw

Can someone please tell me how to create a Combo-Box in Open-Office Draw that gets its values from an “embedded list”.

(I know in MS Office you can embed values for List and Combo-Boxes in the controls themselves instead of having an outside data-source like a database table.)


The easiest way to configure a combo box is to use the AutoPilot. Make sure the AutoPilot’s On/Off button is on and put a combo box on the form. Combo boxes always draw their contents from a data source. If you haven’t associated a data source with the form yet, the first page that appears lets you choose a data source and table for the form. Press Next to move to the Table Selection page once you choose a data source.
If the form already has a data source, the AutoPilot opens on the Table Selection page. The data you display in the combo box doesn’t have to come from the table the form is linked to, and in fact, often comes from another table that contains look-up information. Click Next once you choose the table that contains the list of items to appear in the combo box.
The Field Selection page lists the fields from the specified table. Select the one to use in the combo box. The specified field not only provides both the list of items the user sees, but also the value to store based on the user’s choice. (With a combo box, there’s no way to display data from one field, but store the value from a different field. List boxes do provide that option; see the next section “How do I set up a list box?”) Click Next to move to the Database Field page to indicate where to store the user’s choice. Select Create to create the combo box.