Need Help With Blogger Template Code

I’m having trouble removing what seems to be about 10px worth of padding on the far left of the main column in the body of my blog. The post date, post title, and image should line up with the left side of the header image but there’s some extra padding on the left I can’t get rid of. Header image is 796px but the main body of blog (sidebar + post) should also be 796px. How do I get rid of that padding on the left?

See screen shot below. Red dash highlights the padding I need to remove…

Look at line 302 in your stylesheet:

.main-inner .column-center-inner .section {
  [COLOR="Red"]margin: 0 15px;[/COLOR]

Excellent. Thanks again, Ralph!

Oh - I’m having the same problem on the [B]blog[/B] with an image I placed on top of the header. There seems to be some margining or padding on the left side of the grey banner ad - I can’t locate the code that’s causing it. I need to get rid of that extra spacing so that the banner ad lines up with the header logo on both sides… (screen shot below)… Again, the red dash represent the extra spacing…

Looks like you fixed it. :slight_smile:

Yes- sorry about that. I got with this: