Need help Urgent please

i need help with tracking test how can i make a test for tracking test when i’m from different geo from the APP geo in CPI compaigns?

This is not clear. Please tell us what you need without jargon. In addition, I advise that you break down each step into its component parts to make it easier to understand what to do. Also, what is your coding experience?

I’m pretty sure the answer is probably “VPN” :grin:

thank you but i tried to use different VPN but the same problem face to me an i tried to use paid VPS also it dosen’t work , i want to know if someone here tried to make a compaign test how does he do that

As @StevenHu said, you would stand a better chance of getting a good answer if you explained your question more clearly. CPI can stand for a number of different things. What do you mean by it here? What kind of test are you trying to run?

i want to test CPI compaigns on Appnext and aPPthis idont know how ?

Have you contacted their support?

yes but he couldn’t help me he want me to make a test before iactivate my compaigns and i don’t know how to make this test

Well, if their support is unable to help you, I think it unlikely you’ll find anybody here who can - especially as you still haven’t explained what you mean by CPI and what kind of tests you’re trying to run.

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CPI ( cost per install ) so i create a compaigns on appnext and appthis as a traffic sources but when you try to active your compaign you must make a test which is open your compaign URL and install the app by yourself
my problem is that i’m from different country of the app country which mean for example i’m from EGYPT and the app target country is Indonisia so i couldn’t make this test although i used VPN and VPS but it’s still dosen’t work that’s why i ask here if any one tried before to create compaigns on appnext and appthis what did they do to make it succesfully

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