Need Help to hide Backlinks to Search Engines

Ok I ll try to explain myself,

I need to create 3 back links on my site, this back links will direct customers to the checkout page of the affiliate program I’m working with. I need to find a way to hide this backlinks to the Search engines I do not want crawlers to read their codes or follow them to the checkout page. I could use the <a rel=“nofollow,noindex” but is not reliable and I must find a way to get customers to the checkout page hiding links to the Search engines. I also though about sending them to another sites page that contains backlinks to the checkout page but still crawlers will follow both links.

I hope someone understands what I’m trying to do and helps me

I don’t see that this is a big deal at all.

I’m not aware that any of the big search engines do ignore rel="nofollow", so you wouldn’t get your checkout page appearing in their indexes.

(Even if they did spider and index the links, would it be the end of the world? What kind of query do you think would be best answered by the search engine giving them a link to an empty checkout page?)

Use form submit buttons instead. Spiders don’t submit forms, so you’ll be safe there.

The only time you should have links capable of performing potentially hazardous behaviour, is after someone is required to first login.

big search engines ignore rel=“nofollow” “noindex” and most of the times they follow links with this attribute. I can not risk to be related with the checkout page of my affiliate program otherwise I will get banned from Search engines, but still I have to get customers to that page to complete sales. I though about an on click event to another page with the links which will be disallowed on the robots.txt file.