Need help in rounding off into two decimal places


I have javascript code with computation, but I have problem in my result because it was not round off or fixed into two decimal places only.

here is my code:

<script type="text/javascript">

function test_(cmpd) {
    var len_ = (document.frmMain.elements.length) - 1;

     for (i=0; i <= len_; i++ ) {

       var strPos_ = document.frmMain.elements[i].id.indexOf(cmpd)

              if (strPos_ != -1) {
              var strPos = document.frmMain.elements[i].id.indexOf("_");

var strId = document.frmMain.elements[i].id.slice(strPos + 1) + "_" + document.frmMain.elements[i].id.slice(0,strPos)
     // this is the computation that I need to fixed the result into two decimal places
    document.frmMain.elements[i].value = document.getElementById(strId).value * document.getElementById('mult').value;

Thank you so much

JavaScript has floor, [url=“”]round and [url=“”]ceil for your rounding needs, along with [url=“”]fixed for restricting it to a certain number of digits.

Thank you so much