Need help in normalization 3NF


Draw a dependency diagram to show the functional dependencies that exist in this relation.


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Please help me understand. What do you mean by "dependencies", and what is "3nf"?


3Nf means third normalization form.and dependencies means functional, partial and transitive dependencies


These are PHP forms that put information into the database? Please post the code you have for the first two forms so I will know what's left for the third to do. Normally forms that come after each other depend on the ones that come before them so I'll need to know what the first two do.


Actually I want to know partial and transitive dependencies. Don't convert into 3NF


I had to do some googling, and boy was I off base. (in my defense I do spend perhaps too much time with PHP).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, this is about that "has many, belongs to one" type of stuff?

If you post lists of the eight fields with the other seven under them with a note about how the first relates to each I think I might be able to get a clearer picture.

For example (probably not correct, but this is the idea) .

1. title - has the isbn # to itself
2. last-name - nothing to do with it
3. first_name - nothing to do with it
4. publisher - nothing to do with it
5. date - nothing to do with it
6. edition - has the isbn # to itself
7. media - nothing to do with it


these are things you would know if you took an elementary database course

which buddy is currently doing, apparently

this is ~so~ obviously a homework question, i would challenge OP to post his or her best effort for comment


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