Need help in My Javascript Project?

Let me brief about my Project

The project is I have created a chrome extension IN html,Css and Javascript that exports the cookie and also imports the cookie locally…Suppose there are two different computers and I just exported the cookie of and send it to other computer and import that cookie so I can login the without password but there is a lot of hassle here to give the cookies to another Tackle this What I need to setup a Server When a use login into my extension he can exports his browser cookies to the server and the server will store it and Whenever the second persons needs it He Can import cookies to his Browser.So Can anyone help me to setup this thing ?

So basically what you’re describing is a Man in the Middle Spoof Attack. Because you’re suggesting putting your computer’s cookies on a server, that someone else can access.

Chrome already does half of this. There is a SQLite file created at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Network\Cookies

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