Need help in editing fckeditor

can someone help me in editing fckeditor ?
i need to take out some unwanted buttons like hyerlink, picture and so on
also i need to break up style and format in one panel and format size and font in another panel but not by adding separator.

thank in advance

That’s why I suspect it is all because of browser cache. So try to see in other browsers like Internet Explorer and if it works in Internet Explorer it will work in Mozilla Firefox too. Delete cache in Mozilla Firefox and try it should work.

thanks to both of you bishwadeekc and rajug
yes it is the problem of browsing.
but still having problem in mozilla.

This tutorial is about removing image uploads.

If you have already this in CKEditor configuration file:

FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["MyToolbar"] = [
] ;

And configured in your PHP5 file as :

$oFCKeditor->ToolbarSet = 'MyToolbar';

And still not seeing effect, it might be the case of Cache in browsers. So try in another browser or clear the cache from the browser.

Otherwise I have worked like this in many projects.

hi bishwadeekc,
I have already used that one but not working. please could you tell me another one. more over i am using php5.

Hi kiran
Here is some help :