Need help identifying type of web development

I am starting a new website and I dont know which language to create it in, whether a CMS or just plain HTML? The site needs to include:

ability for new users to register (non-subscription now, however I want to place subscription service in the future) and once registered submit a new request form with customized fields that will post to a members area. There will be 3 different types of users on this site and I would like for them to be able to see only certain posts depending on which group they are in. Also, I would like for there to be a map module integrated into the post area with a search engine to allow the users more visual and complex search options.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Would joomla be good for this or would something more complex be needed?


Anytime you start storing data, you are into databases. Commonest one on the web is MySQL. As for a CMS, there are thousands of them out there, all different, all with different potential uses.

thank you for your response. I am looking into, they appear to meet all of the criteria for my project. Thanks again for all your suggestions.

not 100% sure what you are looking to do :confused:

Although it sounds like you want to create a type of membership with different access levels.

Wordpress (CMS) allows for membership and forum integration…may be a good option.

Good luck!

CMS would do the job if you prefer self hosted and ‘free’ solutions, but eventually it depends on your specific needs

With subscriptions and types of users, you’re talking databases and php to generate your html. If you can’t write that sort of thing, you’re talking about a cms or even WordPress.

Thanks for the response. Do you think that a CMS will have limitations on the functionality or how complex I can get with it? Can you be more specific as to the types of databases I should be looking into or can you point me in the direction of something similar to what you had in mind?

Thanks again