Need help! how do i get an image to stay in a column when the webpage is resized



how do I get the image to scale down or up at the same time as the column it in



Don’t use absolute sizing. Use a percentage for the width and auto for height.

By the way, why are you using position: absolute? That is not a good idea. And the left margin should not be a fixed size if you want it to work when you resize the window.

Was the double ;; in your height declaration just a typo when you posted here?



ya ill try that and ill see will it work

ya the ;; is a typo

I was using absolute because that’s the only way I could get the picture to display


It shouldn’t be the only way. Could you please post your html and css for a ‘working page’ thst shows the problem?


ya the % worked thanks mate :slight_smile:

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