Need help from CSS Gurus

I am completely stumped on how to code this interactive menu because of the irregular angles made by the arrows. Because of the shape, and because of the rollover effects, it’s not just a matter of slicing rectangles. Can anyone give me some advice or point me to a tutorial on how to accomplish this with rollovers?

Tricky stuff (he says, shuddering). But here’s a really good thread on the same topic that might help you. Rayzur has some great links in there.

That is perfect, thanks!

Shudder, indeed…I spent half the day staring at the screen trying to desperately envision a solution. I finally came here to the forums after I began drooling like I had a lobotomy…

That thread you provided has several solutions so thanks. I never thought about using a sprite, but I’m more intrigued with doing it one image at a time. It’s more elegant.

Generally a sprite is better if it’s feasible (not sure about this case). Sprites are great, as once they’ve loaded you get no delays on hover etc, which is a bad look.

OK, it’s best not to have the same question going in multiple threads, so this is continued here: