Need help for "likes" in facebook

Hi, I need your help please I have a login page from my site,now what i want that if the user will submit the button there will be a drop down div or pop up message to let them first “likes” my page in the facebook,as what i have seen from the other sites integrating on this,can you help me please how to achieve on this.I have still no idea on this.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, I need some help please I integrate the FB like button in my website… ,And in my website I have login page,what i want is when the user visited my login page it will prompt to the user or force the user to click the like button,after the user click the like button,the user can now login to our website…Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

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I don’t use Facebook. If I were to arrive at a site which tried to force me to “like” them before I could proceed, I would leave that site, never to return. Surely likes are only worth having if they’re genuine?

HI TechnoBear, I apologize for that i don’t know why my post are merge…by the way i could not get what you mean…you mean my website is fake if i will do the process to force the visitor to like my page?

Thank you in advance.

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I mean you risk alienating visitors to your site if you try to force them to like the page before allowing them to proceed.

I also see no point in accumulating likes in this way. They do not reflect what genuine visitors actually think about the page, any more than bought fake likes do.

Likes on fb page should genuine and come naturally. This way your likes would be of that people who are actually interested in your page. But you can also add a pop up with a fb like button if you wish people visiting your website to like your page. But your popup should go away if a user would not want to like your page and user can access your website easily without liking your fb page.

Hi TechnoBear,Thank you for the quick reply…may ask what is the meaning of “Genuine Vistors” ?..
I understand that i should not force the users to like my face book page first before entering my site…but as of now i have no choice because it is the requirement that is given to me…

Hi Jasonsmith9012,

Thank you for the reply and for the advice.

By that I mean somebody you has gone to your page, read it, liked it and decided for themselves that they want to use the “Like” button. This is not the same as somebody who is forced to use the like button before they can login and access the content they want (and therefore possibly before they’ve even seen the page they’re supposed to “like”).

Hi TechnoBear,

Thank you for the reply…Okay i understand now… Okay i will just put an alertbox so that the user can have the option to close if they don’t want to like the page or they dont want to click the like button…how can i get like button of facebook?

You can get the fb like button code from fb developer tools page. From there you can get the code for like button and put it wherever you want it in your website’s code


Thank you for the reply…I will go to the fb developer page,then generate the like button,then get the code?is that all? :slight_smile:

That should be all you need. The page also shows you how to add a “share” button next to it so they have the option to share your page with their friends if they find it worthwhile. I would also caution against forcing visitors to like your page…instead, INVITE them to like it once they are already there, but give an option to decline the invitation. I certainly wouldn’t hit the “like” button if I hadn’t seen the site I was trying to get on ~ in the same way, I would not refer a friend to a dentist that I had not personally visited. :x


Well said. :slight_smile:

@ BoostSoftware, @Jasonsmith9012,@ Jasonsmith9012

Thank for helping me,and for the advice. :slight_smile:

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dont force people to like your page before they use your website
use another strategy to get more facebook likes
just put the link after the login page but dont make it mandatory
if you want facebook likes just get facebook ads

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