Need help for contact form 7

i have added contact form 7. and when user submit form then i have to know how many form is submitted using google tag manager

how to do?

i have added one plugin for that.

i am going in right track?


Yes you are on the right track. Test the form and check if Tag manager picks it up and sends to Google analytics!

Ok thats great.

let me check.

It is important to know that without additional setup in GTM you will not see any data about form submissions in GA.

My plugin generates a so called data layer event upon every form submission with the event name gtm4wp.contactForm7Submitted

You will need to setup a trigger in GTM that fires on that event.
Next you will need to setup a GA tag by setting either a GA event or a virtual pageview. This new tag should fire using the trigger created in the prior step.

I hope that help you getting the right data into GA.

Do you have any online guide how to use your plugin and GTM effectively? Even for ecommerce. That will be helpful.

I have some tutorials on my website and I do my best to create more tutorials:


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