Need help find an Object Oriented Programming with Java book for Beginners

Hello everyone,

I am start my first computer science class this spring, this class is object oriented programming 1. I have never done any programming so I want to get a head start so I dont fall behind, we will be using Eclipse software to program. I want to buy a book that will help me learn how to program by using a lot of examples and maybe even have some practice problems I can do. From what I remember on the discription of the class, we will be learning loops, string, variables etc. Can anyone help me?

This is not exactly what you will need to start with - unfortunately I don’t have recommendations for ‘starter’ Java books, but the ‘Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture’ ISBN #0321127420 is a must read for anybody programming object orientedly. It discusses common design patterns and uses Java in the examples.

Great book.

Take a look at these two books that introduce Java and Object Oriented Programming using lots of example code.

Google it ,there are too many tutorials in youtube