Need help.Am trying to read names from database having quotations and symbols in them

For example : One of the names is


This name has both single and doubles quotes along with other characters.When i try to read it using simple SQL queries, what I get look like :
So everything after the quotations is cut off. How do I read the entire name ?

Can you give a code example where that happens?

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Can you show the code that places the in-game name into the text box? If it is stored correctly in the database, I’d suspect the issue is in displaying it, not retrieving it.

By the way, you know that your $i variable isn’t really required there, unless you use it somewhere later? This construct:

$name_arr[] = $row["Names"];

will automatically add that value into a new element on the end of your array. If the only other thing you use the $i variable for is to know how many results are in the array, you can use count().

From the first line of your posted code (which may be incomplete and leading me to a false conclusion) I suspect you could look at other ways to deal with passwords, perhaps using password_hash() and password_verify().

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