Need help adding a function to a form

I have a form, like the one below:

    <form name="form1" method="post" action="">
            <input name="merchantid" type="hidden" id="merchantid" value="000000" />
            <input name="ARThankyouURL" type="hidden" id="ARThankyouURL" value="" />
            <input name="copyarresponse" type="hidden" id="copyarresponse" value="1" />
            <input name="custom" type="hidden" id="custom" value="0" />
            <input name="defaultar" type="hidden" id="defaultar" value="000000" />
            <input name="allowmulti" type="hidden" id="allowmulti" value="0" />
            <input name="visiblefields" type="hidden" id="visiblefields" value="Email1" />
            <input name="requiredfields" type="hidden" id="requiredfields" value="Email1" />
            <input type="text" class="textbox_1" name="Email1" />
        <br />
            <input type="submit" class="textbox_button" value="" name="cmdSubmit" />

what I want to do is add something like this to the end:

Which will pass the users email address to the thank you page. Any one have any ideas?

This is the field where the user inputs their email:
<input type=“text” class=“textbox_1” name=“Email1” />

But I want the email the input to show here:

Here is an example:

I want to somehow add ?Email={email}


and when the user clicks submit, they will then be redirected to the thank you page that will output the email address they initially submitted in the form.

I’m lost… what’s the problem here? Just add another input field for email?

Hmm… that’s tricky. You might have to add something onto the /app/contactsave.asp page to make it forward the email value to the thankyou.php page.

I have no idea how it can be done the way you’re trying to do it. Good luck though.

I see that, but why don’t you just display the data from the form on … using something like this…

$user_email = $_REQUEST[‘email’];
echo (“Thank you”.$user_email.“. You have successfully submitted… blah blah”);

The users email is in one of those input fields, correct?

Here’s another example…

<b>Thank you <?php if(isset($_REQUEST[‘name’])){print stripslashes($_REQUEST[‘name’]);} ?></b>
<br>Your message has been sent
<p><a href=“<?php print $continue; ?>”>Click here to continue</a></p>

/app/contactsave.asp is hosted by so it can’t be modified. But whoever created the demo I posted, is also using 1shoppingcart. Just wish I know how they did it.