Need feedback on my new package (pretty please)

I would really like if someone would give me some feedback on my new PHP package.
Thanks a lot in advanced.

Hi @marktopper, and welcome to the forums.

What kind of feedback are you hoping for? The more specific you can be, the more likely you are to get helpful responses.

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Hi @TechnoBear and thanks for the welcome.

I was hoping for feedback of how the package works, if there are some bad practice code I do or some methods I should rewrite for better practice.

That is simple what I am searching for since I am new with creating packages.

Thanks in advanced.

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I haven’t used it but from what it looks I would only use the Traits. I usually have already enough inheritance, so I don’t want to add another level of dependency.

Not sure what to think of the Setter Trait … I don’t see the benefit over declaring on-the-fly properties. When I need to use setters, I usually do it because of some value constraints (e.g. value must be an integer).

Something that would also fit into there would be an ArrayAccess Trait.

Your link to for the docs is broken.


Thanks for the feedback.

I totally understand that some of the features are not useful for many objects. Which is the reason I created it using the traits, so people can implement only the things they need for their object.

Thanks for the idea of making some attributes into different types, to force a attribute to be for example an integer. I will find a good way to implement this.

If I may ask, can you then give an example of the ArrayAccess Trait you are talking about.

Thanks for pointing it out, I will work on this right away.

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