Need Button onclick to bring up pop up


I’m trying to fix the code below so when I click on the button ‘Click Me’ it brings up the popup in the iframe. Currently the iframe shows on the page when it first loads. I want to hide this until I click on the button. And I want it the frame to be full screen. So when it opens it’s covers the page content. Does that make sense? Here is my current code:

<div class="description pagecontent simple"></div&gt;

  <iframe src="" 
    style="width: 100%; height: 800px;" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"></iframe> <button 
    onclick="HTML5Flipbook_popup_open ()">;Click me</button>

       <div class="description pagecontent simple"></div>

What code defines this function? It’s not a standard one, and I cant immediately find a document on google that defines it.


Probably only a typo, but:

onclick="HTML5Flipbook_popup_open ()"

should be:


It’s related to multithreading I believe… ^^

Anyway can’t you just set it to display: none using CSS, and position it absolutely or fixed with appropriate width and height to cover the viewport?


Yeah except the answer to that forum thread doesn’t define the function, it defines another custom function. The function name only exists in the OP’s not-working code.

So my statement remains; I have no definition for the function HTML5Flipbook_popup_open.

Anyway, the OP seems to have found their answer elsewhere, so i doubt they’ll be looking here anymore.

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