Need as2 help badly

Hello & Good Day!

firstly i am a complete flash noob so please bear with me.

I desperately need some guidance with a project i have taken over. Its really hard to describe but i shall try as best i can without causing to much confusion. Please view this link to see the project. Its still in the development stages.

You will see a image map that shows all the villages in the estate. Each village is linked to a flash movie of that village which shows all the details on the individual properties. Now when you select a property a pop up will appear showing its erf number, size & status (eg for-sale, sold etc). Now the problem im having is that i need to change it from showing the property size to showing the sale price. All that info is in the MySQL database but i don’t know what to put in the action script to make it get that info.

I will gladly mail any one the actionscript if they can help me.

Thank you in advance

You’ll need to change whatever back end script you use that is reading data from the mysql database to output the required data, you’ll need to do this before you change any actionscript.