Need another set of eyes - Lightbox2 display issue

I’ve been using the older version of Lightbox2 and think it’s great, so I’ve just updated it and solved the missing Close button issue, but for some reason I can’t get the Prev/Next buttons to appear. I’ve been messing around with it for hours, but could do with another set of eyes to spot the obvious error.

My site is live and there is a mix of scripts on there, but everything should be correct and present for Lightbox2 - the images display and switch ok, but no Prev/Next buttons.

If you click on the Tron project you can test it out (the Millennium Falcon uses a different image display and will use Lightbox once the problem is solved)

Your help will be greatly appreciated! Simon.

H simonhaydn. Welocme to the forums. :slight_smile:

If I go to the Tron page and click on an image, that image appears over the page enlarged, and there are white left/right arrows on each side … so it seems OK to me. I can’t see the problem. Am I looking in the right place? If so, what browser are you testing this in?

Thanks for having a look ralph.m

I’ve been using IE9, but I’ve just tried it using Chrome and the arrows appear! The code is pointing to the right places, so it’s finding the images, but frustratingly not showing on IE9. What browser did you use?

I checked in Chrome and Firefox. I’ve just had a look in IE, but I’m afraid I can’t see why it’s not working. IE remains a pain to debug. If only it had some decent dev tools. :frowning: