Need advice on Domain name

I have a client who has a company which has two functions. These can be represented by the words ‘A,B,C and D’. ABC is one of the functions and C is the second.
When I did a keyphrase search AC has a good result ie high search low competition, as does BC, and also CD. The phrase ABC isn’t a good keyphrase
The client needs a domain name. The domain name would have a mixture of all the good phrases but would Google stop at the word ‘and’? Also would the domain suffer from the fact that ABC is not a great search term.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Good question - I would like to know the answer to this also.

first, for clarification, is D the second function?
in your post, you say, “ABC is one of the functions and C is the second.” … is this a typo?
secondly, there is a great article on seo which addresses the “and” in your title… see
thirdly, as you probably know, when you search for a domain name, the registrar offers up additional options. this could be helpful in brainstorming (even if you don’t use any of the suggestions, it may trigger you mind to a new option… see
finally, if you have not decided upon a platform, wordpress gets very favorable search engine results.
(i’ve answered this question as if you are a beginner… please do not be offended if you already know all of this… i used to teach school and i’ve learned that the best policy is to start at the beginning on a topic).
good luck!

Hi, yes C was a typo and D is the second function. Thanks for the article link. Really useful. I’ve listened to one of Yoast’s webminars in the past and it was brimming with great info. And no offence taken at answering the question as though I were a beginner - I am where domains are concerned and this makes the info much easier to understand.

SEO-wise, I think the domain is doomed from the start. Most search engines will avoid under 4 character searches and abc is too general. Next, the “and” is just ignored.

The domain name wasn’t actually abc. These letters just represented different keywords

I would suggest that you go with any two keyword combinations. Just check with which combinations which has more searches and low competition in google’s keyword tool. You could also go with a three keyword combination , i.e. ABC but then if these three are good keywords, then you can think of using it (Although i feel its not a great idea). However i recommend that you don’t use any stop words in domain name.

Do use ABandC at all. Use combination of any two words that describes best about the company on the basis of search engine results and keyword analysis.

I wasn’t using A, B or C - these were just letters I used to represent the keywords I am using

It is little complex for me to understand. but I would like to suggest you dont put all these keyword. only use one that is more important for you. also try to find a keyword that can easily define a nature of business.

[FONT=Verdana]After three months, I expect the client has decided on a domain name.

Thread closed.[/FONT]