Need advice on a menu button on my website

In the mobile version of my site, the pages are very long, so the menu button that is located in the header becomes difficult to access.

I planned to put an arrow at the bottom to quickly go to the first screen, but this is not a solution to the problem, since not everyone scrolls through the page to the very end.

In theory, I can make a fixed header with the menu button at the top of the page so that the visitor could always see them.

I don’t know if it’s worth it. What do you think?

You could also have a floating “Go to top of page” button.

There are a few ways to do it. You could have a fixed header. But the header may be too big to always display, but you could just make the menu part sticky, so that’s all you see. Maybe just a little “hamburger” in the corner to minimise the space used.

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