Need advice about Ubuntu VDS hosting

I’m looking for cheap, but good quality Ubuntu VDS hosting. I’ve found some companies, but it seems they are resellers…

So, I wonder is there any good big company with cheap Ubuntu VDS hosting?

Can you tell us more about your budget and other requirements to advise you something decent?

Well, I need to have a possibility to install ImageMagick. Also, I need 40 Gb of HDD space. Bandwidth, CPU and RAM are not so important.

Can you give me some advice about such VDS?

You have to see solarvps[dot]com, virpus[dot]com for cheap but good quality Ubuntu hosting

Thanks. Virpus is nice, just $4 per month. But they demand CP to install which is $7-$12 per month. Pretty strange solution.

I wonder is there any other similar hosting with such a low price?