Need A Swapping Image Of Arrays On Mouseover


I have multiple images from a mysql database, I want to swap all these images onmouseover, IE, onmouseover, swap allthe images, each after some 3 4 seconds

I amsure this will be done with javascript and probably jquery, So I need the Javascript (Or Jquery) function, and how to pass php parameters

Naturally , there is a group of images, each will have more than one image to be swapped

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Are the images in the database, or are the paths to the images kept in the database?

PHP/Mysql will only be responsible for outputting a load of html (containing img links) into the html source code of your page.

The behaviours which then do your image swopping are then done in JS (or use a JQuery library if you prefer) with that source code.

yes they are in mysql database, exactly and precisely, I am looking for the javascript jquery function to do this

JS will not get them out of your database.

JS will help add behaviours on the client browser.

Have you got the images out of your database yet then?

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Thank you for your support

Yes I can retrieve them out of the database, natural;ly, I will echo an array to the javascript function, never mind the php, if you just know the javascript jquery

I will do the rest with php

what I need is the function javascript in the header

and in the body the process of invoking the rest

So if you forget about php mysql database, and have the function, I can do the rest

Many Many thanks for your help


Naturally since it is a mysql retrieval there will be more than a record, on each of the record image, there might be the original image and the others, I need, when I place the mouse hover on the original image, to swap them with the rest of the images, I need the javascript jquery for this

Many Many Thanks My friend

In that case, as you have now explained that you are able to get the images into JS arrays it is time to say you are in the wrong forum, sorry :wink:

I will ask this thread be moved to the JS forum, there you will be able to find the help you need.