Need a solution regarding domain url folder to redirect to subdomain url using vhosts only

Firstly forgive my lack of knowledge in this area.

I have a subdomain that is setup and directs to domain by default,

I need the subdomain to direct to a folder/file within the domain without changing the subdomain url.

eg… to point to but keep the subdomain url… and also when accessing it needs to redirect to as well.

I need to only make this change in my vhosts file if I can.

Server running apache 2.4 I can permanent redirect in vhosts to but dont know how to keep the url from changing.

Have used this in vhosts

Redirect permanent /

The redirect works fine but I need it to not show but keep the url of the subdomain

Thank you for any help or solutions.

If I understand correctly you’d want this:

Redirect permanent /

No this wont work.
I need to rewrite/redirect to
I need the rewrite/redirect to change to the new url while serving the old content.
So if I visit it will show me the content from
Thanks for any Ideas/solutions.

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