Need a simple Popup ( with on page delay)

HI ,

Helllo Friends … I actually wanna create a small pop up for my webpage . i check out so many apps and online tips but still failed to get a result . i am not that much into html and coding . I need a small help in it now I have designed a website for a business page . Now after landing on the homepage i want a pop to comeup in the same windows like a fancybox or lightbox… with a small delay . i want to include an image as well as some text in it … All i have is my website files . and folders .

will it be possible ?. Can somebody help me please .

With lightbox you can determine how fast you want it to appear. Import the jquery library and use a lightbox script. Here is my websites (copied from somewhere else)

You’ll see in the comments that you can use fast/slow etc for the showing speed.

Thankyou Ryan !!! . I saw a code lightbox.js , But the question is where do i attach it to my web files . i have a index.html which is the landing page . can u please assist me in sorting it out . And what are the steps i need to do after that .

Go to this site

View the soruce and look at hte head section. I have a jQery file and a lightbox file. Copy those two code files.

Go to your index.html folder. Create the two file names of those two scripts I had you copy (jquery file and lightbox) and past the code in. You can move these files to a different folder later on if you want.

Just copy what my website did basically.